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  1.  When will I see results? - This depends on whether you signed up for a press or influencer campaign. With influencer/Spotify campaigns you can expect results as soon as your release is out.  Press is more of a long lead effort. Outlets may choose to feature your release as a news piece, a feature etc. 

  2. What is the process for Spotify playlisting?- We email our playlist curators on the day of release for playlisting consideration on their organic playlists. We email you a wrap-up email at the end of the campaign. Your track could reach upwards of 30,000 new listeners.

  3. Can you guarantee any placements? - No, we cannot guarantee any placements. We will submit your release for coverage consideration to all your top outlets/blogs but it is then up to them to decide if it is a good fit for their audience. A lot of these magazines/outlets have spots booked out in advance and priority goes to those artists on labels etc. They also may like your release but have limited spots they have to allocate to those higher on their priority list. 

  4. What happens if I didn't get the results I wanted?- This will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We are open to refunding you a part of your budget and/or giving you a "freebie".

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